Fulfillment and Kit Building

Product Fulfillment Services

Many businesses have the need to support their sales and marketing programs as well as their operational needs through fulfillment services encompassing warehousing, fulfillment, kit building, distribution, account management and customer service.

Daily, Greentree Marketing provides zero-defect warehousing, fulfillment, kit building and distribution services for its clients.

Our robust on-line platfrom has enhanced website functionality that displays product images and specifications-while providing flexible shopping cart functionality with secure purchasing options. As orders are processed efficiently, inventory counts are updated in real-time. As orders are filled accurately and shipped, this information is captured for reporting purposes.

We can assist you in designing and executing every aspect of a personalized portal providing printing, kit building and distribution; even sourcing the right branded promotional item—with the total cost, including the fright costs, within your budget.

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