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Manage and Deploy Marketing Materials Online

Greentree Marketing supports the sales and marketing success of its clients by bringing together the physical and digital marketing worlds into a single cloud based platform allowing their clients to better manage production, branding and distribution of their marketing assets.
Any authorized user can access marketing assets, order what they need, when they need it, through intuitive cloud based marketing portals.
Customization is easy and straight forward for printable assets, digital files, promotional products and apparel to more complex personalized brochures and kits.
This not only reduces the added costs involved in versioning and creative for local markets, it empowers their field network to work smarter to grow their brand.
Granular settings allow administrators to configure branding controls, spending limits, user rights, reporting and benefit from fact-based decision making with a suite of reports and dashboards that can be accessed within the platform, on-demand 24/7.
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